Friday, 10 March 2017

Episode 50: Inferno Part II: The Mechanicum, and A Thousand Sons Part II

IT'S EPISODE 50!!! In this one we continue our discussion of Book VII Inferno by focussing on the new additions to the armies of the Omnissiah. We then welcome back to the show Kenny from Combat Phase to help us analyse the second part of A Thousand Sons by Graham McNeill. Finally, we close the show with the Vox-Box and Two-Week Hobby Challenge. Hail the Crimson King!

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Age of Darkness Episode 50

0.00  Intro

6.23  New Mechanicum Units

1.06.24  A Thousand Sons by Graham McNeill Part II with Kenny from Combat Phase

2.31.00  Vox-Box

3.05.21  Two-Week Hobby Challenge

Closing Song is "Ramses Bringer of War" by Nile

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