Sunday, 22 September 2019

Episode 96: Custom Legio Traits, Painting Custom Legios, and Path of Heaven Part II

In this episode we start our Fall of Titanicus with an analysis of the custom Legio traits from the July White Dwarf. We then talk about how we went about designing and painting our own custom Legios, Solaris and Lughus, before continuing out discussion of Chris Wraight's magisterial Path of Heaven!

0.00  Intro
24.56  Custom Legio Traits
1.26.09  Painting Black ... and Other Colours: Custom Legios
2.04.14  Tales of Heresy: Path of Heaven by Chris Wraight Part II
2.51.29  Two Week Hobby Challenge 
Closing Song is "Nazi Smasher" by Ghoul
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