Tuesday, 21 April 2015

The Age of Darkness Episode 2

In this second episode of the Age of Darkness Podcast we talk about some recent and upcoming releases from Forge World (Warlord Titan!!!!) and discuss the army lists we plan on fielding in an upcoming event (while struggling with how hard it is to fit everything we want in a 30k army). In Book Club we analyse Mary Sues and Lords of Iron in Angel Exterminatus by Graham McNeil. Finally we conclude with the two-week hobby challenge and see if someone is going into the box of shame. We are overwhelmed with the warm response the inaugural episode of our podcast was received with, and we hope that we continue to entertain! Thanks for listening!

Direct link (to download right-click and choose "Save Link As"):

The Age of Darkness Podcast Episode 2

0:00  Introduction and news (Warlord Titan!!!)

25:45  Army list discussion

1:15:15  Book club: Angel Exterminatus by Graham McNeil

2:14:12  Two-week hobby challenge, closing song

Closing song is "Colonel Russell Williams" by Mesrine (off the Mesrine / Entrails Massacre 7" split)

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  1. Hi

    I'm really enjoying your fairly in-depth book reviews.

    It was interesting to hear from someone that had read Angel Exterminatus but not read Storm of Iron and the McNeil UM books. Arguably, knowing about certain characters in 40k does put a dampener on their involvement in 30k (it can feel a bit too coincidental to have a lot of 40k names together in one 30k book).

    Similarly, I agree with a lot of the comments about Fulgrim and Perturabo. The plot was clearly about getting Fulgrim to full daemonhood, but the interesting part of the book was the development and refreshing view of Perturabo.

    I personally also liked the Sisypheum storyline, which continues elsewhere.

    I'm not sure I agree that Sharrowkyn is a Mary Sue. I think there is going to be some sort of reveal about him that is presently unclear.

    Anyway, that's all i've got to say on it for now.

    Looking forward to catching up to the next one and Fear to Tread. It was a book I absolutely hated, but the prelude in ep 2 indicates that you liked it, so will be interesting!

  2. Robert, once again thanks for the comments and for listening to the show! Yeah I was incredibly torn and contradicted myself constantly about whether the book was about Fulgrim or Perturabo, I completely agree with how you put it, the story is about the Phoenician but the most interesting part is the development of the Lord of Iron.

    That's interesting what you say about Sharrowkyn, maybe there is something about him we don't know. A lot of people claim that he enters into Mary Sue category, mainly because he comes out of nowhere to shoot Fulgrim in the face and decapitate the greatest swordsman in the galaxy. This is another area where I'm torn, but either way I like him!

    I hope you enjoy our take on Fear to Tread, and yes we liked it, but please why you hated it!



  3. Again I enjoyed the podcast, but strongly disagree with the Mary Sue categorisation of Sharrowkyn. Mainly because he just does not pop up out of nowhere. He's instrumental in Kryptos for stealing a device/creature to crack communication codes of the traitors.