Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Episode 4: Warhammer World, Modelling Rivets, and the Thramas Crusade

In episode 4 of the Age of Darkness Podcast we discuss new Horus Heresy stuff previewed and released at Warhammer World, demonstrate an easy way to model rivets using fabric paint, and talk about some games we played over the weekend. In Book Club we look at the Thramas Crusade as it is described in the short stories and novellas Savage Weapons, The Lion, and Prince of Crows. Thanks for listening!

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The Age of Darkness Episode 4

0:00 Introduction and shout-outs

36:42  Modelling rivets with fabric paint

45:17  Recent games

1:15:58  Book Club: The Thramas Crusade

2:24:26  Two-week hobby challenge, closing song

Closing song is "The Red Army" by Jesse Holmz (off Stories from the East)

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  1. very intersting talk again, but please....please stop pronouncing Istvaan as istavan...that's just wrong.