Saturday, 18 July 2015

Episode 8: Forge World Open Day, Top Primarchs, Battle Reports, and The Outcast Dead

And here comes Episode 8! Now that Calth is out of the way, we can finally come around to some requests from our listeners! After looking at new stuff previewed at the Forge World Open Day (Perturabo!!!) we'll be talking Primarchs, describing some more detailed battle reports, and discussing The Outcast Dead by Graham McNeil!

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The Age of Darkness Episode 8

0:00  Introduction

3:26  Forge World Open Day

34:37  Top Primarchs

1:18:07  Battle Reports

2:19:14  Book Club: The Outcast Dad by Graham McNeil

3:28:44  Two-Week Hobby Challenge, Closing Song

Closing song is "Veteran of the Psychic Wars" by Blue Oyster Cult

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  1. Hi again,

    I've not quite finished this one yet, but there were a couple of points that were made that during the episode that I have a couple of comments on.

    (1) There was a discuss about best fluff primarch and Fulgrim was mentioned, but a question mark was put there as to whether he is still daemon Fulgrim. There was a story in the anthology Death and Defiance called Imperfect. The story has quite a lot going for it (that I don't want to spoil), but it does given a little more of a hint at the relatiohship between Fulgrim and the daemon.

    (2) There was a question about the timeline in The Outcast Dead. I remember this issue being brought up not long after the book came out and I specifically remember someone asking Graham McNeill about it at one of the Black Library seminars. At that time the question of the chronology issues seemed expected by the author and he said that it would be explained in a future book.

    I am still a little uncertain whether it was something that was switched around to make the story work or whether it was just a plain mistake, but it was (apparantly) resolved/explained in the audio drama Wolf Hunt, which I have not listened to.


  2. Richard,

    Thanks again for the comments! I've not gotten to Death and Defiance but if there is more about the relationship between Fulgrim and the Daemon. The whole part in the Primarchs where he talks about having vanquished always felt a little bit unconvincing. I mean, isn't that exactly what you would expect the Daemon to say?

    Alright if you say the question of the chronology of Magnus in The Outcast Dead is resolved even somewhat in Wolf Hunt I'm going to hunt it down for sure! This is one of the few times that I seriously can't wrap my head around what is going on and when!

    Thanks again, keep the comments coming!