Saturday, 19 December 2015

Episode 19: Victory is Vengeance, Chaos, and Vengeful Spirit Part III

In this episode we finally have a discussion about the Victory is Vengeance / Tactical Strike rules from Book III, examining some of the problems that need to be addressed if one wants to run a campaign. We then address some of the many comments we received regarding our argument about the nature of Chaos, before concluding our analysis of Vengeful Spirit by Graham McNeill.

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The Age of Darkness Episode 19

00:00  Introduction

17:14  News

41:51  Victory is Vengeance

1:31:14  Book Club: Vengeful Spirit Part III

2:36:46  Vox-Box

3:03:10  Two-Week Hobby  Challenge

Closing song is "Anal-Team" by Necrass

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1 comment:

  1. Sorry for Necrocommenting, but as I said before I recently discovered your podcast and am slowly catching up to the present time.

    I just couldn't resist picking up on some of the comments made by JP around the "bargain". And especially the theory that the emperor made an ultimatum. I feel there is a possible nugget of truth in there. Let us not forget that while his empire is being torn apart by Horus's rebellion, he prioritises his hidden war in the vaults of his palace above responding to the galaxy spanning war. So this must be important and just might well be his masterplan of shutting down the chaos gods.So this lends credency to that view on the conundrum.

    And an aside: the birth of Slaansesh is pretty much right before the great crusade according to codex dark eldar. I seem to remember around 30k-ish.

    Keep on the good work!

    ps I believe that indeed the chaos gods are emotions personnified, good and bad. But because they reflect the extremes, they appear evil. As all versions of extreme emotions are essentially bad.