Saturday, 27 February 2016

Episode 24: Retribution Part 1, Painting Iron Warriors, and Deliverance Lost

Here is the behemoth-length episode 24! In these five hours we begin our painstaking analysis of Horus Heresy Book VI Retribution, touching upon new units, new Rites of War, and the three new Legions contained therein! We then share our thoughts on painting Iron Warriors! Finally we are joined by a very special guest, Kenny from the Combat Phase Podcast, to discuss Deliverance Lost by Gav Thorpe! Thanks for listening!

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The Age of Darkness Podcast Episode 24

Closing song is "Deliverance" by Carcass

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1 comment:

  1. Great show! I like it so much, that I listened all episodes in 1 month flat while painting.
    Keep it up!
    Greets from Austria from a Taghmata Omnissiah-/Ordo Reductor Archmagos(2,5k/3,5k)!