Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Episode 38: Burning of Prospero Leaks, List Building in 30k, and Betrayer Part I

You asked for it, now we're finally doing it. Episode 38 begins our four part series on Betrayer by Aaron Dembski-Bowden. We are joined in our analysis by Kenny from the Combat Phase Podcast. We also talk about the recently leaked images from the forthcoming Burning of Prospero boxed game. Finally, Shawn and Blaine from Seize the Initiative are our guests to discuss the finer points of list building in 30k. Fire the Ursus Claws!!!

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Age of Darkness Episode 38

0.00  Intro

7.43  New Stuff

23.18  Building Army List with Shawn and Blaine from Seize the Initiative Podcaste

1.13.34  Betrayer Part I with Kenny from Combat Phase Podcast

2.13.59  Vox-Box

2.34.24  Two-Week Hobby Challenge

Closing Song is "Betrayer" by Kreator

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  1. No need to speculate on why Angron went with Lorgar to bump off Guilliman. It's in Aurelian somewhere. Basically after Isstvan Lorgar wanted to do it alone, but Horus lacked confidence in his abilities or reliability, so he seconded Angron to Lorgar, over the latter's reluctance.

    1. Thanks for the reminder, we forgot about that bit! Cheers!