Friday, 19 May 2017

Episode 54: Inferno Conclusion: Vox-Box Call-In Show and a few 8th Edition Musings

And here we are, finally, at the final part of our coverage of Inferno. In this episode, we get some feedback about our coverage and a tonne of other things. We also rant a little bit about the whole 8th edition thing, of course. But only a little bit!

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Age of Darkness Episode 54
0.00  Intro
4.56  Brief 8th Edition Talk
25.40  Vox-Box Call-In Show!

2.42.05  Two-Week Hobby Challenge

Closing Song is "Here Today, Guano Tomorrow" by Dayglo Abortions
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  1. Please do something about that annoying backgroundnoises. Its horrible on a mp3-player.

  2. This was a great episode guys thanks, I really enjoyed it.

    I wanted to add 2 cents on the "Why send Russ?" discussion.
    I agree with one of the callers that he wasn't sent to kill Magnus. The Emperor could have sent another proxy to negotiate and bring Magnus back peacefully - however, this Emperor doesn't have a good track record with being questioned and/or negotiated with. He wanted Magnus to be punished and he wanted Magnus to KNOW he was being punished; he wanted him to know there is NO negotiation here, what I [the Emperor] say is the final say. He probably also wanted some or all of Magnus's legion destroyed as the ultimate punishment, but once that weighty lesson had been enacted - he wanted the custode to bring Magnus back alive for censure.

    The Khan or Horus wouldn't have achieved this lesson by negotiating with Magnus. Further this lesson wasn't just for Magnus but for all legions/Primarchs; and that's how I always saw it anyway.

    It's been many many years since I read Prospero Burns and as a Wolf hater with so many other great books to read I haven't gone back to it (yet) - but certainly a great book (not the greatest). Dan Abnett is by far my favorite BL writer. "Know No Fear" for example, didn't have many "Ah-hah!" unveilings in terms of the greater heresy plot but I think that was the most enjoyable book of the series for me and I hate both of those legions.

    I'm an old Rogue Trader player and Blood Angels player since 2nd ed, sadly all of the HH Blood Angel stuff (and 40k novels) has been awful. Hopefully ADB or Dan take on these for the end.

    Anyway, thanks again.