Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Battle of Helopherion Episode 3: The Guns of Avarok

At the Battle of the Thadrik River, the Merchant Households' offensive against the Volgan Cossacks and Iron Warriors was blunted and the war for Helopherion settled into a stalemate. In an attempt to regain the advantage, Helena Gauntë demanded reinforcements, and now, finally,  the relief fleet has arrived. In this long-delayed installment of the Battle of Helopherion, the Iron Warriors and Volgans raid a orbital defence battery emplacement that has sprung into life and begun firing at the IVth Legion fleet. After this Zone Mortalis (-ish) battle, the stage is set for an epic engagement in the void using the Battlefleet Gothic rules.

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The Battle of Helopherion, Episode 3: The Guns of Avarok

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