Saturday, 19 August 2017

Episode 60: Chaos 1983-88, Painting White Scars, and The Master of Mankind Part IV

Finally, we get to the main course of our coverage of The Master of Mankind by Aaron Dembski-Bowden. In this episode, we attempt to unpack what the book tells us about the title character, the Emperor. But before that, we do a Fluff Flashback that centers on the evolving nature of Chaos pre-Realm of Chaos. And in Painting White ... and Other Colours Myles takes us through painting the ever-challenging armour of the Khan's legion. Thanks for listening!

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Age of Darkness Episode 60
0.00  Intro

20.24  Fluff Flashback: Chaos 1983 to 1988

48.47  Painting Black ... and Other Colours: White Scars
1.07.23  Tales of Heresy: The Master of Mankind Part IV: The Emperor
2.00.17  Vox-Box
2.07.34  Two-Week Hobby Challenge

Closing Song is "Necessary Evil" by Napalm Death
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  1. In the discussion of Master of Mankind, you point out that the Thunder Warriors were purged, and the Astartes are worried that this will happen to them.

    I wonder if this theme will be revived or picked up with the introduction of Primaris Marines?

    1. Oh that's an interesting point! I do wonder if they will play with that theme, would be a shame not to considering how omnipresent it is in the Heresy lore...

  2. In the discussion of Chaos you mentioned that entropy was the tendency of things to breaking down.

    I always understood that Entropy was a macroscopic property of a system which is a measure of the amount of disorder within it and nothing to do with breaking down.

    For example in thermodynamics, entropy is a macroscopic property for the randomness of say the location of individual particles within a gas in a given container.

    So for example in the discussion you were having I would have said as Chaos increases its influence within the Imperium and galaxy as a whole the entropy of the system increases. Meaning the microscopic disorder is increasing.

    Also interestingly enough with entropy, the 2nd law of thermodynamics states that the total entropy of any system cannot decrease without the entropy of another system increasing. Therefore if the Imperial wanted to reduce the amount of disorder within their own system they would have to increase it somewhere else. Such as within the realm of Chaos. This could be an allegory (if that is the right term) for the solution to the Heresy itself. Once Horus betrays the Imperium and the amount of disorder increases. The only way it could be decreased would be to increase it somewhere else, for example to get all of the traitors into the Eye of Terror which would increase the disorder there, therefore lowering it within the Imperium itself.