Sunday, 17 September 2017

Episode 62: 8th Ed 30k, Painting Loyalist Primarchs, Death of Hope, and Macragge's Honour

After the Summer of Lore (TM) we're back to our usual holistic approach to all things 30k! In this episode, we welcome Ian and Chris who have led the charge in creating an 8th edition ruleset for the Horus Heresy. In Painting Black ... and Other Colours, Myles leads us through painting the loyalist Primarchs, and we try to stay polite about the blue one. We then talk to one of the creators of The Death of Hope, a brilliant looking 30k fan film project. In Tales of Heresy we analyse the amazing graphic novel Macragge's Honour by Dan Abnett and Neil Roberts. And finally, we close out with the Vox-Box and Two-Week Hobby Challenge. Destroy the Infidus Imperator!

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Age of Darkness Episode 62
0.00  Intro

22.04 8th Edition 30k with Ian and Chris

1.04.00  Painting Black ... and Other Colours: Loyalist Primarchs 

1.48.51  The Death of Hope
2.15.35  Tales of Heresy: Macragge's Honour
2.45.20  Vox-Box
3.16.35  Two-Week Hobby Challenge

Closing Song is "Storm in my Mind" by Possessed
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  1. If you want a tiny abacus for Guilliman, there are lots of small "charms" available on places like eBay that are cheap.

    As an aside, you'd be surprised at how many other "charms" make good conversion bits - skulls, angels (for BAs), etc.

    And yes, I play Ultramarines...

    1. Oh cool! Admittedly that would make an amazing conversion, only slightly less troll-y than the guy who glued Ferrus Manus' head on a base haha!

  2. Very excited to hear you'll be covering BFG soon!

    Love the podcast guys; keep it up.