Monday, 22 October 2018

The Battle of Helopherion Episode 8: Lost Victories

The Siege of Volganis has been broken and the Warmaster's armies are on the march! Now, with Helios Prime itself under threat, the blasted-our agri-world of Helopherion has lost all its importance. The Merchant Households have decided to cut their losses and withdraw, but the Warmaster's forces, newly bolstered by the Word Bearers Legion, will not make it easy for them. In Episode 8 of our Battlecast campaign, Helena Gauntë's XIIIth Household faces off against a combined IVth and XVIIth Legion force, supplemented by Volgan Cossacks, in an attempt to cover the evacuation. It is the Third Battle of the Thadrik, and accounts will be settled!

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The Battle of Helopherion Episode 8: Lost Victories

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