Monday, 25 November 2019

Episode 99: Doom of Molech Part II, The Dorito Technique, and The Purge

In this 99th episode we continue our analysis of Doom of Molech, going into the Knight Households, while in Painting Black ... and Other Colours, Myles takes us through some tips for painting the new plastic Zone Mortalis boards, which includes an introduction to the "Dorito Technique." Afterwards, in Tales of Heresy, we discuss Anthony Reynold's novella "The Purge."

0.00  Intro
16.56  Doom of Molech Part II
1.05.59  Painting Black ... and Other Colours: Zone Mortalis Boards
1.23.40  Tales of Heresy: The Purge by Anthony Reynolds
1.52.45  Two Week Hobby Challenge 
Closing Song is "Martian Hotrod" by The Obsidians
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