Friday, 14 August 2015

Episode 10: Global Heresy, More 30k vs. Xenos, and Part 2 of The First Heretic

In this tenth (!) episode of The Age of Darkness Podcast, we discuss our part of the latest Global Heresy Campaign: the war for the Harkarialis System! We then update our 30k vs. Xenos segment with a special guest who only plays filthy Eldar and Orks. After washing ourselves off from being around such a person, we delve into The First Heretic by Aaron Dembski-Bowden for a second helping of awesome. Thanks for listening!

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The Age of Darkness Episode 10

0:00  Introduction

11:00 New Stuff!

22:45 Global Heresy: The Siege of Ark'alask-Septimus

34:40   30k vs. Xenos Part II

1:09:48  Book Club: The First Heretic by Aaron Dembski-Bowden Part II

2:08:13  Two-Week Hobby Challenge, Closing Song

Closing song is "Destroy the Orcs" by Three Inches of Blood (from Advance and Vanquish)

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  1. In reference to the Word Bearers at Calth, it was covered (surprisingly briefly) in one of the novels (I believe it was Betrayer) that Calth was the dumping ground for all of the Word Bearers that couldn't get behind the Primordial Truth. Where the Sons of Horus, Emperor's Children, Death Guard and World Eaters had Istavaan III, the Word Bearers had Calth as their harrowing.

    1. I haven't listened to this episode yet, but as I understood it Lorgar purged the legion of those less likely to turn in the 50 years leading to Istvaan and those that were sent to Calth were sent there because they did not fit in with the direction he wanted to take his legion.

      I can't remember the exact reason. One view is that they were so lost with their hate of the Ultramarines that they were not on the same page as Lorgar and therefore disaposable. Calth was not supposed to be revenge attack, it was supposed to be a step in achieving the plan of the rebels. Of, if i'm mistaken, they were simply too zealous and far gone for Lorgar to make use of them.

      That being said I haven't read any of the FW source books or The Purge, so I may be mistaken, but that's how I read it.

    2. My understanding, mainly from Betrayer, is that, like you said Chris, Calth was where Lorgar purged the legion, in the same way that Horus, Mortarion, Angron, and Fulgrim purged their legions of loyalist elements at Istvaan III. However, the ones that were sent to martyr themselves at Calth were not those that were loyal to the Throne (Robert you're dead right that they had 50 years to get rid of them), rather Lorgar sent all those that were too obsessed with revenge on the XIIIth, whose rage was too great and all-consuming to be of much use in the coming war. Lorgar needed disciplined bearers of the word, not mindless fanatics bent on vengeance.