Saturday, 29 August 2015

Episode 11: 30k on a Budget Competition and False Gods

Episode 11 is here! In this latest chapter we talk about Mark's recent Apocalypse extravaganza and then dive back again into 30k on a budget, dealing with some listener feedback and announcing a competition! We are then joined by Kenny from the Combat Phase Podcast to discuss Graham McNeill's novel False Gods, where the collective awesomeness of such a confluence overpowered our meager technological resources resulting in some choppiness in the audio quality, although hopefully not enough to be overly bothersome to our deal listeners... Once again thanks for listening!

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The Age of Darkness Episode 11

0:00  Introduction and New Stuff

17:12  Apocalypse!

46:13 30k on Budget Update and Competition

1:28:05  The First Heretic Comments

1:38:36  Book Club: False Gods by Graham McNeill with Kenny from Combat Phase

2:22:06  Two-Week Hobby Challenge, Closing Song

Closing song is "Carnivores" by Circle of Tyrants (ft. Necro, Ill Bill, Goretex, & Mr. Hyde)

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