Saturday, 29 October 2016

Episode 41: Custodes, Heresy Horror, Painting Word Bearers, Top Legions, and Betrayer Part IV

"He must not be allowed to become the Blood God's son". In the fourth part of our discussion of Betrayer by Aaron Dembski-Bowden, we tackle the thorny issue of Angron's apotheosis, and the Night of the Wolf! But before, we chat about some horror movies that share themes with 30k, talk about painting Word Bearers with Myles from Lil' Legends, and discuss Legion power levels with the illustrious Chopper Tom. It's a packed show! Build me a throne!

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Age of Darkness Episode 41

0.00  Intro

8.29  New Stuff

59.57  Horror 30K

1.45.52  Painting the Word Bearers with Myles from Lil' Legends Painting Studio

2.56.57  Legion Power Levels

3.30.10  Betrayer Part III

4.34.54  Vox-Box

5.07.19  Two-Week Hobby Challenge

Closing Song is "Blood" by Anthrax

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  1. Sorry, I listened to Episode 40 too late to comment on the cuss-TOH-deez/CUSS-toads debate. There shouldn't be any debate at all. You were right the first time. Like as-STAR-teez, Custodes should be pronounced cuss-TOH-deez. Whoever made the point about the double consonnant ignores the fact that English pronunciation doesn't have rules; it has patterns, and those patterns owe a debt to the language borrowed from, in this case Latin. There are not silent vowels in Latin, so the "-es" should be pronounced as a separate syllable. Look up how to pronounce "antipodes." It's an-TIP-oh-deez, not AN-tip-poads. Remember when you found out that the girl in Harry Potter was her-MY-oh-nee, and not HER-me-OWN? It's like that.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Yeah I' with you! Interestingly enough Laurie Goulding, the editor for Black Library, weighed in on this on the side of my preferred pronounciation Cust-o-dees!


  4. Does Laurie put the emphasis on the first or second syllable of "custodes"? In Latin, it's on the second.
    Black Library sometimes gets Latin gratingly wrong. Imperium Secundum, for example, means second empire; "Imperium Secundus" makes me think of some guy named Secundus who has an empire.

  5. He actually goes as far as to say that, and I quote, "Gothic =/= Latin", which I suppose is a convenient way for GW to not force their employees to learn Latin haha

  6. On the subject of horror, I must say that the most unnerving moment I've read in Warhammer fiction was in the Horus Rising book when Loken and his 10th Company encountered Samus. Pretty well-written and freaky stuff. Samus didn't seem like something you could exactly fight, which really contributed to the atmosphere of the moment.

    1. Yeah totally agree, the Heresy starts with a horror scene. Not to mention the whole part in False Gods where Horus gets wounded is during a protracted fight against a zombie horde!

  7. Tanks don't rust, but parts of tanks do.

    - Tracks rust. They’re made of steel.
    - Exposed bolts can rust. When the crew uses a wrench on them the paint rubs off.
    - The buckles that hold cargo straps can rust. Tools strapped to the outside of the vehicle can rust.
    - Exposed steel – like edges of vision blocks – can rust.
    - Also, crews often oil moving parts; the oil traps dirt, which can look like a rusty brown.

    Trust me, all sorts of things on an AFV can rust, and NCOs will spend lots of time making crews scrub it off with wire brushes. (I was an armor crewman before I took up 30/40K.)

    Of course, none of this may apply to future tanks…


    1. You are of course completely right, but there is nonetheless a criticism that scale modellers sometimes overdo the "rust streaking" effect, covering AFV's "head to toe" as it were with rust streaks, which doesn't usually happen. But I take your point!