Sunday, 13 November 2016

Episode 42: Integrating Hobby into an Event, Painting the Salamanders, and Betrayer Part V: Vox-Box Call-In Show

In this last stretch of the long road that was our Betrayer coverage, we turn the mic over to our listeners in our first ever Vox-Box Call-In. But before, we talk with Andrew and Damon from Adepticon about integrating hobby activities into an event, and again welcome Myles from Lil' Legends Painting Studio to tell us how to paint the Salanders Legion.

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Age of Darkness Episode 42

0.00  Intro

8.12  Integrating Hobby Into an Event with Damon and Andrew from Adepticon

38.00  Painting the Salamanders with Myles from Lil' Legends Painting Studio

1.12.12  Tales of Heresy: Betrayer Feedback Vox-Box Call-In Show

2.49.17  Two-Week Hobby Challenge

Closing Song is "Trono de Huesos" by Machetazo

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  1. Hey guys, thanks for having me on (and strategically editing me when I got too long winded ;-) ) Sadly though, after listening to your podcast in its entirety, I now want to change my vote to Russ winning over Angron at the Night of the Wolf. Recount! It's the bane of the age we live in.

    1. Too late! It's settled haha! As for editing it was minimal and mainly to clean up some choppy audio which unfortunately is the bane of podcasts sometimes. I made an effort not to touch anything substantive!


    2. Tu avais raison, cette question m'a tué. Well, you can't blame me for trying to change my mind ;-)

  2. And quick question: when you say you're doing Inferno next, do you mean the Razing of Prospero anthology?

    1. We meant Book VII Inferno, the plan right now is to do Thousand Sons and Prospero Burns while we review the FW book for a lengthy series in the new year!

    2. You've got the good sources. So, HH VII out at the start of next year? Looking forward to it. Would love to discuss Abnett's Prospero Burns with you all. My definition of literature is stuff that's worth reading more than once. I'm getting set to read PB for the second time, and like Betrayer, which I read for a second time during your last shows, I'm sure it will pass the test.