Thursday, 26 January 2017

Episode 47: Infantry Tactics, Painting the Dreadwing, and Pharos Part I

In this episode of The Age of Darkness we talk infantry tactics and how to run a footslogging list. In Painting Black (and Other Colours) Myles takes us through converting and painting the darkest part of the darkest legion, the Dark Angels' Dreadwing. We then begin a two-part discussion of the novel Pharos by Guy Haley, before closing out with the Vox-Box and our 2017 Hobby Resolutions.

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Age of Darkness Episode 47

0.00  Intro

2.59  Infantry Tactics

35.01  Painting Black (and Other Colours) with Myles: Modelling and Painting the Dreadwing

1.12.39  Tales of Heresy: Pharos by Guy Haley

2.03.26  Vox-Box

2.20.17  2017 Resolutions and Two-Week Hobby Challenge

Closing Song is "Ed Gein" by Macabre

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