Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Two-Week Hobby Challenge, 14 January to 28 January

As mentioned on the show, from now on we'll be posting the successful Two-Week Hobby Challenges onto our blog! This allows us to better showcase the great work the community is doing, and as the blog posts will come out closer to when the challenges are actually due (rather than when the episode drops), it will hopefully make the whole thing slightly less confusing! At the end of this post there is also the Challenge Calendar to keep track of when the phases start and end!

Damian finished up the weathering and transfers on his Moritat and did base colours on his Destroyers!

Dan has completed his Terror Squad and Karybdis Assault Claw!

Graham painted up two scratch-built Helbores (counts as Gorgons) for his Militia Squat army!

Keith did not complete his Meltagun support squad and therefore feels SHAME!

Mark worked on getting some base coats on some Blood Angels!

Myles was also up to some base coats for the sons of Sanguinius!

Patrick completed a five-man Melta Support Squad and their ride!

Philip painted up five Iron Warriors Veterans for his Army of Dark Compliance!

Tom did not succeed in finishing up his 750pts list on time, and therefore feels SHAME!

Finally JP has finally managed to get three Leman Russ Battle Tanks done for his militia, including tank desant teams!

 If you want to participate in the Two-Week Hobby Challenge the next phase starts on 12 February! Send your challenge to!

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