Monday, 13 February 2017

Episode 48: Building a IInd Legion Army, Pharos Part II, and The Last Church Vox-Box Feedback

In this episode of the Age of Darkness Podcast we are joined by Nick, creator of a brilliant IInd Legion army project, to chat about how to go about building a missing legions force. We then go heavy into the novels, firstly by concluding Pharos by Guy Haley with Shawn from Seize the Initiative, and then by responding to feedback about our analysis of The Last Church by Graham McNeill in the Vox-Box. Ave Imperator!

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Age of Darkness Episode 48

0.00  Intro

22.36  Painting Black (and Other Colours) with Myles: Building a Second Legion Force

1.55.35  Tales of Heresy: Pharos by Guy Haley Part II

3.33.56  The Last Church Vox-Box Feedback

4.48.12  Two-Week Hobby Challenge

Closing Song is "Kleid aus Rosen" by Subway to Sally

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