Saturday, 1 April 2017

Episode 51: Inferno Part III: The Vlka Fenryka, and Prospero Burns Part I

In Episode 51 we get all space viking, discussing how to model and paint the Vlka Fenryka and their new rules in Inferno. We also run some simulations to see if Leman Russ can indeed kill all his brothers... Then in Tales of Heresy, we begin our analysis of Prospero Burns by Dan Abnett. For the Allfather!!!

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Age of Darkness Episode 51

0.00  Intro

5.01  Inferno Part III: The Vlka Fenryka

1.41.56  Painting Black... And Other Colours: The Vlka Fenryka

2.18.42  Tales of Heresy: Prospero Burns Part I

3.08.51  Vox-Box

3.29.04  Two-Week Hobby Challenge

Closing Song is "Fenris" by Enslaved

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  2. Hey JP and Mark

    Another great episode.

    I was particularly interested in your interpretation of some of the events in Prospero Burns.

    I may have misremembered (and this is, indeed, from memory), but my reading of Amon in Prospero Burns is that he was always the daemon.

    TO be clear, I am suggesting that the Amon presented in the book was the daemon all along and the real Amon of the Thousand Sons was not present.

    I thought this was hinted at in the book, but I can't find it at the moment.

    The relevance of this is fantastic. It means that the warning given to Magnus via Kasper Hauser (in your dramatic reading) was a warning to no one. Essentially, Magnus did not react to Russ' message because he was not in on the trick.

    The interesting thing about this is that it supports my view that Prospero Burns is as much about the hubris of the Wolves as A Thousand Sons was about the hubris of the Thousand Sons.

    Russ believes throughout Prospero Burns that he is presenting a face to Magnus via Hauser, but, in fact, Russ is being played by the gods in that Hauser is their plant and his false confidence that Magnus is the manipulator leads to the fall of both legions.

  3. A Kaleb Daark reference and an Entombed track - outstanding.

    And the Aztec sword is called a "macuahuitl."

  4. Regarding your Cyber-Hybrid Carnivora discussion, I'm choked that you did not mention the fenrisian wolves as possible models and the cyberwolf is already a cyberwolf.