Monday, 10 April 2017

Episode 52 : Inferno Part IV: Painting and Understanding the Custodes, and Prospero Burns Debate

In the fourth part of our Inferno coverage, we finally begin to tackle the redoubtable Talons of the Emperor, by analyzing the Emperor's praetorians, the Custodes. In this we are aided by Mark's experience winning the Adepticon friendly tournament with his golden boys. In Painting Black … and other Colours we continue our discussion of the Custodes by talking about how to achieve that perfect gold colour on your models. We then host our first-ever Age of Darkness debate, as we are joined by Max from Road to Terra and Jake from Covenant of Fire to settle the question “is Prospero Burns good” once and for all! 

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Age of Darkness Episode 52

0.00  Intro

23.40  Inferno Part IV: The Custodes

1.44.53  Painting Black... And Other Colours: Gold

2.11.19  Tales of Heresy: Prospero Burns Debate

3.40.34  Vox-Box

4.02.00  Two-Week Hobby Challenge

Closing Song is "Beyond the North Waves" by Immortal

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