Saturday, 4 April 2020

Episode 104: Shadow and Iron I and Slaves to Darkness I

Okay lots to talk about in this episode! First we talk about the Lion model recently previewed, before welcoming on the show the #powerful Andrew Hollis to talk chat about Tagged Events. We then begin two series: one on the new AT book Shadow and Iron and then on John French's Slaves to Darkness, while in Painting Black ... and Other Colours Myles talks about his struggles painting his Fire Masters maniple. It's a packed one!

0.00  Intro
48.12  Interview with Andrew Hollis
1.14.53  Titan Walk Event

1.42.20  Shadow and Iron Part 1
2.23.52  Painting Black ... Other Colours: Fire Masters
2.34.38  Tales of Heresy: Slaves to Darkness Part 1
3.14.54  Two Week Hobby Challenge 
Closing Song is "Bury the Antlers with the Stag" by Feminazgul
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